A Message from the Chair of the Alumni Association

Greetings from the Alvernia Alumni Council,

We want to extend our sincere thanks to Marty Korecky’96, M’05 and his leadership team for laying the foundation for the Alumni Council and Alumni Association over the past few years. Through their hard work, the Alumni Council is now focused on how alumni can be more engaged in the University by becoming a core group of volunteers and advocates. Through our Council committees, we are working with faculty/staff to develop and enhance ways in which alumni can share their expertise, talent and time with our current students and one another. 

We encourage you to take a moment and reflect on how Alvernia made an impact on your life as a student. Then think about what one thing you could do to make a similar impact on a student today. Remember, no matter where we are on life’s journey, it just took one person or maybe two to provide us some guidance, insight and/or support that has had an everlasting impact on our lives. Let’s do this for our students today!

We invite you to become involved with Alvernia at the time commitment level you are able to give.

Here are just a few great ways to become involved and have an impact:

  • Become a mentor or offer internships to a current student.
  • Assist with College Fairs in your local area to encourage students to attend Alvernia. Great way to share your experience and to motivate new students.
  • Become involved on campus through student/alumni events.
  • We Want to Celebrate You! Submit a nomination for the Ellen Frei Gruber or Distinguished Alumni Awards. (You may nominate yourself or fellow alumni). The process is simple. Go to - http://alumni.alvernia.edu/s/1480/alumni/index.aspx?sid=1480&gid=1&pgid=1020
  • Are you a new alum? Get involved with the Young Alumni programs
  • Attend athletic events – Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, and more…. Stay tuned for updates on the Plex and the new Football team.
  • Share Your Alvernia experience with fellow alumni, parents and students.
  • Have dinner with students who are in the same major as you did when you were a student.
  • Host a Welcome Reception for incoming students and their parents/family members.
  • Keep in touch with your favorite professors. Assist them in the classroom or on a field experience.
  • Participate side by side with current students, faculty, andstaff on service/mission projects.

The Alumni Association is here to help all of us stay connected with each other and with the University. We are open to ideas, suggestions, and ways to improve our role in the University. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our Council members or the Alumni Office at 610-796-8212 or alumni@alvernia.edu. We are here to serve you!


Meggan Kerber, ’96, M’01 Chair, Alumni Council   


Carleen Mulholland ‘05    Vice Chair

Taylor Newswanger ‘15 Secretary


Your Alumni Council Members

Sharon Angelo ‘05

Nadine Blair ‘83

Shannon Brandt ‘94

Sister Ann Marie Coll, OSF ‘64

Mary Louise Cox ‘98

Kevn DeAcosta’00

Kate Ecke ‘11

Deborah Geiger ‘83

Christy Glass ‘10

Robert Goonan ‘01

Adam Krick ‘11

Brian Korecky ‘07

Gwendolyn Malecki ‘93

Raymond Melcher ‘78

Cory Marques Mengel ‘12

Jessica Newcomer ‘15

Jonathan Nied ‘04

Maureen Plover ‘10

Chelsea Prosser ‘14

John Scolastico ’92 ’02 ‘15

Allison Snyder ‘11

Melissa Ulmer ‘09

Teri Wagner ’03 ‘08

Alumni Involvement