Grants Management

These guidelines are designed to assist faculty and staff in administering grants and contracts and managing projects.

Responsibilities of the Project Director

Alvernia University is the legal recipient of all contracts or award documents and other legally binding agreements including leases, facility rental, independent contractor agreements, or other agreements that involve risk or liability to the University.

In hiring, managing, paying, evaluating and terminating employees, Project Directors must work within the University personnel policies and confer and cooperate with the Director of Human Resources in all matters related to personnel.

Fiscal Management

The authority to use budgets for their intended purposes is inherently provided to the Project Director. To assure an orderly process and reasonable controls, University purchasing guidelines and procedures must be followed. Project Directors are expected to work closely with the Accounting office in maintaining accurate accounting for the administration and management of grant funds. Please contact Sean Marcellus ( or 610-796-8245 to review all applicable accounting codes and cost principles associated with your grant award.

Responsibilities of the Grant Manager

The Project Director may also be the Grant Manager depending on the size of the award. If the award is over $24,999 in any grant year, a Grant Manager will be designated.  Also, if the award is Federal or State, a Grant Manager must be designated regardless of the size of the award.  The Grant Manager will work closely with the Director of Grants and ensure that all documentation is complete, all reporting is timely and all expenditures are reasonable, appropriate and necessary.  The Grant Manager will meet quarterly with the Director of Grants and participate in the Internal Grant Review. The Grant Manager is also responsible for coordinating the grant timeline and assuring benchmarks by providing reminders and updates to the Project Director and if applicable the “Grant Team”.  

Responsibilities of the Director of Grants

The Director of Grants is responsible for oversight of all grant awards across campus. The Grants Office holds both an electronic and paper copy of all information pertaining to each grant awarded to the University.  The Director of Grants is responsible for establishing and maintaining Internal Controls for the University in conjunction with multiple departments across the University (accounting, purchasing, financial aid, etc).   Responsibilities of the Director of Grants include compliance, accountability, ethics, and assurance of all contractual agreements outlined in the award letter.  Reporting and closeout of the grant will be monitored closely by the Director of Grants to ensure accuracy in regard to accounting, federal and state regulations and mandates, and established internal controls.