General Information

The Office of Grants provides a wide range of grant services in support of the Strategic Plan of the University designed and approved by the Executive Board, the Office of the President, and the Provost.

By maintaining awareness of specific funding opportunities, as well as trends in development of such opportunities, the Office of Grants seeks to offer services that support the growth of Alvernia University through specific program and project support, scholarship and endowment support, and further advancing the University’s research portfolio.

Specific tasks accomplished by the Office of Grants includes but is not limited to:

1. Identification and analysis of funding opportunities and communication to/with the faculty; fostering familiarity across the University of viable grant programs, interests and capabilities, and facilitating collegial interactions 

2. Assistance to faculty in program development strategies and proposal development; encouraging partnerships and communications to increase University cohesion both on and off campus.

3. Planning and orchestration of seminars and workshops to assist the campus community in developing proposal and management skills

4. Assist with and lead the management of sponsored projects across the University through the full grant cycle, to include pre award, post award, financial management, and required reporting

5. Analyze funding opportunities in light of the interests and circumstances of faculty and groups, and provide abstracts and summaries that assist in selecting ideal opportunities

6.  Elicit, collect, organize, edit and redact materials from multiple sources as appropriate in order to prepare coherent proposals that meet sponsor requirements

7. Establish and maintain Internal Controls for sponsored projects across the University, ensure compliance with all applicable federal laws, funder requests, and University Policies.


Contact: Alvernia University Office of Grants
Mary E. Rizzo, BS, MS Ed.
Director of Grants
Alvernia University
Office 610-796-8379