Alumni Association & Mission


Mission Statement 

The mission of Alumni Association at Alvernia University is to strategically engage and develop proud alumni champions enthusiastic about their connection to the University, and who support their alma mater and its students.


Alumni Association Purpose

The purpose of the Alvernia University Alumni Association is to give organization and aid to the efforts of the alumni of Alvernia University for the benefit of the University; more specifically:

  • To foster volunteerism, loyalty and unity of its members for the University and its stated mission and priorities;

  • To provide a mechanism for the exchange of ideas among alumni and for sampling alumni sentiment;

  • To act as an official channel of communication between the alumni and the University and to provide opportunities for alumni to participate actively in the life of the University;

  • To create a network and provide support among alumni;

  • To support the University philanthropically

  • And to connect with current students in order to enrich their Alvernia experience.




Alumni Involvement