Alumni Council



The Alumni Council is the advisory, governing body of Alvernia University’s Alumni Association. The Council, comprised of approximately 26 elected graduates of varying class years, occupations, gender race and life experiences, serves as a representative voice for the alumni body and provides overarching guidance and direction to the Alumni Association as well as advice when called upon by the University in matters relating to alumni.

The Alumni Association Council supports the University mission and core values by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and the alumni community. To that end, the Council will foster pride, loyalty, and a life-long connection to Alvernia University among alumni, students, parents and friends.


List of Council Members


Chair – Marty Korecky '95 & M'06

Vice Chair – Dominic Murgido '79

Secretary – Terry Williams M'08

Council Members:

Julia Angstadt M'05

Nadine Blair '83

Judith Bohler '09

Shannon Brandt '94

Sister Ann Marie Coll '67

Tim Daley '79

Tatiana Dueno '16 (SGA representative)

Diane Gassert '06

Deborah Geiger '83

Jennifer Kaucher '13

Steven Keiser '80

Meggan Kerber '96 & M'01

Cory Mengle '12

Gwendolyn Malecki '93

Carleen Mulholland M'05

Zachary Naylon '08 & M'10

Jonathan Nied '04

Chelsea Prosser '14

David Sloan '14

Teri Wagner '03 & M'08

Alumni Involvement